if/ fluid

It' not finished,it's just a sketch...for non italian speakers:
cats are fluids,like water.Usually like water they don't have a shape of their own.
But you can find them in three different forms:
-solid("i said:get down!""no way")
-liquid(important book)
-gas(ehi!we have to go to the vet.....""I' m busy!")

4 commenti:

Cindy D. ha detto...

Very nice! I love the line drawings and the story is great. So glad you included an English version!

DSM ha detto...

Funny! I understand enough to laugh! My cat ate a BBQ'd chicken one night; what a mess!

Phabio ha detto...

Ahahah! me l'ero persa!
Bestie fluide davvero...

lucciola nella notte ha detto...

hì! Hì! Hì!!!!